Miroslav Šepták

Title: Novinářská polemika mezi Československem a Rakouskem v červnu 1971

(The Journalistic Controversy between Czechoslovakia and Austria in June 1971) pdf

Abstract: The study analyses the hitherto little-known sequence of events in the history of Czechoslovak-Austrian relations. At the beginning of 1971, it seemed that replacement negotiations between Czechoslovakia and Austria could soon be successfully concluded. The atmosphere of détente and the related sincere considerations of convening a Pan-European conference on security helped to finalized one of the most controversial problems of bilateral relations. The promising development of principle influenced by the contradiction between Czechoslovakia and Austria, which began with a paper published by journalist Přemysl Janýr in Arbeiter-Zeitung on June 2, 1971. Czechoslovak officials considered gloss published in the leading press periodical of the ruling Socialist Party of Austria to be a blatant insult. She demanded an apology from the federal government and socialist representatives and distancing herself from the article. The responsible Austrian officials rejected both, citing freedom of the press. In response, Czechoslovak diplomacy bluntly renounced planned replacement negotiations, having previously repeatedly confirmed its participation in the talks. The journalistic controversy, which was gaining in intensity over time, came in handy. It was thus able to achieve a further postponement of replacement negotiations to accomplish the greatest possible reduction in Austrian demands on Czechoslovakia. The misunderstanding caused by the article in the Arbeiter-Zeitung was to overcome several months later.

Author: ŠEPTÁK, Miroslav

DOI: 10.17846/SHN.2022.26.1.92-104

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Jihočeská univerzita v Českých Budějovicích, Ústav česko-německých areálových studií a germanistiky, Branišovská 31a, 370 05 České Budějovice, Czech Republic, mail: mseptak@ff.jcu.cz & Národní archiv, Oddělení fondů nestátní provenience a archivních sbírek, Archivní 4/2275, 149 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic, mail. miroslav.septak@nacr.cz

Source: Studia Historica Nitriensia, year: 2022, vol.: 26, number: 1, pages: 92-104

Keywords: Czechoslovak-Austrian Relations; Newspapers; Rudolf Kirchschläger; Gustáv Husák; Karel Komárek; Arbeiter-Zeitung; Replacement Negotiations;

Language: Czech