Terézia Tomašovičová

Title: K vybraným vlasovým ozdobám novoveku – analogická rekonštrukcia uhorskej party z lokality Ruská

(To the Specific Headgears of Early Modern Period – Analogical Copy of Hungarian Parta from Ruská) pdf

Abstract: Many dress accessories were not only fulfilling a functional purpose, in fact, they had a symbolical meaning and communicational significance, unequivocally perceived by all the members of the contemporary society, while, of course, also allowing some particular individual aesthetic preferences of the wearer, whether it be male or female, whom they were defining within their age, family status and social class. This category also includes specific headgears, objects of artistic or craftsmanship character referred to as headbands, more precisely Hungarian partas. The aim of the paper is to illustrate a more complex picture of the findings of female headgears, more specifically decorative headbands or partas, which we interpret within a wide context of related sources of period clothing and and of a deeper symbolical meaning. This is all being carried out within the context of previous exploration and also newly recovered archaeological findings while using an interdisciplinary research. The practical outcome of this project is a creation of an analogical copy of a specific archaeological find of a Hungarian parta that comes from a double-nave Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross in Ruská (Eastern Slovakia).

Author: TOMAŠOVIČOVÁ, Terézia

DOI: 10.17846/SHN.2022.26.1. 203-218

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Pamiatkový úrad, Cesta na Červený most č. 6, 814 06 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, mail: terezia.tomasovicova@pamiatky.gov.sk

Source: Studia Historica Nitriensia, year: 2022, vol.: 26, number: 1, pages: 203-218

Keywords: Early Modern Period; Hungarian Kingdom; Headgear; Parta; Clasp; Dobó Family;

Language: Slovak