SVOBODA, Stanislav

Title: Vývoj hřbitovů středních Čech a středního Zadunají jako specifického fenoménu historické kulturní krajiny na příkladech hřbitovů okresů Nymburk a Ostřihom

(The Evolution of the Cemeteries of Central Bohemia and Central Transdanubia as a Specific Phenomenon of the Historical Cultural Landscape on the Examples of the Cemeteries of the Districts of Nymburk and Ostřihom) – pdf

Abstract: This historical-geographical study presents the evolution of civilian non-Jewish burial sites in Central Transdanubia (Esztergom district) and Central Bohemia (Nymburk district) as a specific phenomenon of the historical landscape. The period of analysis was defined from the Enlightenment reforms of the late 18th century to the present. The field research focused (among other things) on the analysis of the retained natural, urban, architectural and historical values of the cemeteries, taking into account their influence on the landscape and the localities. Subsequently, cartographic and iconographic sources, mainly from the 19th and 20th centuries, were analysed to monitor changes in the cemeteries in relation to relevant ecclesiastical and secular legislation. The knowledge obtained allowed to determine the basic evolutionary types of cemeteries and then to interpret the identical and different characteristics for the two model areas. Significantly, some of the observed characteristics developed differently after 1918 and these trends can still be identified today. The results of the research provide an up-to-date perspective on the existing issues and enrich the existing knowledge, which can be used by other fields of research (especially settlement history, ethnography and heritage conservation).

Author: SVOBODA, Stanislav

DOI: 10.17846/SHN.2023.27.1.182-242

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Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Maltézské náměstí 471/1, 118 01 Praha – Malá Strana, Czech Republic, mail:

Source: Studia Historica Nitriensia, year: 2023, vol.: 27, number: 1, pages: 182-242

Keywords: Cemetery; Landscape; Cartographic Sources; Field Research; Esztergom District; Nymburk District;

Language: Czech