Depot náramkov z Nitrianskych Sučian, okr. Prievidza

Title: Depot náramkov z Nitrianskych Sučian, okr. Prievidza

(A hoard of bracelets from Nitrianske Sučany, Prievidza district)

Author: VELIAČIK, Ladislav

DOI: 10.17846/SHN.2017.21.S.495-505

Source: Studia Historica Nitriensia, 2017, vol. 21, Supplementum, pp. 495-505

Abstract: The find complexcomes from a mountainous environment of Central Slovakia settled by the bearers of the Lusatian Culture. It comprised four decorated bar bracelets which were bound together with a bronze wire in two spots and according to the preserved remains, they were originally wrapped in a small leather bag. The finds belong to a unique type of bracelets with circular shape and cross-section. The finds from Slovakia, especially with the emphasis on the variable decoration, can be divided into six variants. Bracelets of first two variants are represented in the analyzed hoard and they also belong to the most frequent variants in the central European environment. As a whole, the analyzed type of bracelets is one of the chronologically less sensitive types, with the main period of occurrence from stage Ópalyi to the end of the later stage of the Urnfield Cultures (BC2/BD1-HA1). From the aspect of geographical distribution, the concentration of finds in the upper Tisza region is significant; it also includes finds from southeastern Slovakia. Another group of finds from the Lusatian Culture territory in Central and Northern Slovakia is considered a result of intense contacts with the territory of older southeastern Urnfield Cultures and the local hoards do not only suggest possible routes of commuication, they can be seen as votive artifacts related to cultic places and rituals.

Keywords: Slovakia, Late Bronze Age, Rod Bracelet;

Language: SLOVAK

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