Title: Pribinov kostol v Nitre, jeho historický a cirkevný kontext a architektonické súvislosti

(Pribina´s Church in Nitra, Its Historical and Ecclesiastical Context and the Architectonical Connections) pdf

Abstract: In 870 the Bavarian bishops drafted a file Conversio Bagoariorum et Carantanorum (About conversion of the Bavarians et Carinthians, in short Conversio), in which they described their christianization activities in the area of Pannonia and Carinthia. The file was created in response to the appointmen of Methodius as the archbishop of Pannonia and papal legate for Slavic countries, in which their saw a threat to their jurisdiction and interference in their own interests. We have the only detailed information in this file about the troubled fate of Pribina – the ruler of Nitra. There is stated here that „Archbishop Adalram consecrated for him a church on his own property beyound the Danube in a place called Nitrava“. This figure has already given a rise to lot of considerations and studies, which in many ways remain open to this days. In this context it is necessary to ask for answers, in what ecclesiastical and jurisdictional situation was this consecration happened, in what time period, where it is possible to assume that sacral building and what can be said about their architectonical conception. The following article will try to answer these and other questions.

Author: BOTEK, Andrej

DOI: 10.17846/SHN.2022.26.1.3-22

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Slovenská technická univerzita, Fakulta architektúry a dizajnu, Ústav dejín a teórie architektúry a obnovy pamiatok, Nám. Slobody 19, Bratislava 812 45, Slovak Republic, mail: andrej.botek@stuba.sk

Source: Studia Historica Nitriensia, year: 2022, vol.: 26, number: 1, pages: 3-22

Keywords: Nitra; Pribina; Sacral Architecture; Christianization; Archeological Finds; Bavarian Episopate;

Language: Slovak