Stav bádania v problematike sídliskových štúdií lužickej kultúry na Slovensku

Title: Stav bádania v problematike sídliskových štúdií lužickej kultúry na Slovensku

(State of research on the issue of the settlement studies of the Lusatian Culture in Slovakia)

Author: HORŇÁK, Milan

DOI: 10.17846/SHN.2017.21.S.269-282

Source: Studia Historica Nitriensia, 2017, vol. 21, Supplementum, pp. 269-282

Abstract: The Lusatian Urnfield Culture definitely belongs among the best studied cultural complexes of the Bronze Age in Central Europe. This assumption is supported by the fact that it has been almost 130 years since German anthropologist R. Virchow first used the expression Lusatian Culture in literature. In this long scientific era, the conceptual attitude to the character of the settlement structure and unity of the Lusatian cultural complex underwent several changes. These changes, if we present them on a timeline, reflect various theoretical concepts of the previous century – from the antiquarian to the post-processual attitude. In the collection of articles dedicated to prof. Peter Romsauer, I like to present the development of those views with the focus on hillforts which represent the highest hierarchical component of the Lusatian Culture’s settlement structures. With this type of article, I want to pay tribute to the scientific as well as pedagogical work of celebrating prof. Romsauer, who educated dozens of Slovak archaeologists, including the author of this article.

Keywords: Slovakia, Lusatian Culture, Settlement Structure, History Of Research;

Language: SLOVAK

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