Tomáš Janura – Martin Bóna

Title: Hrad Oponice v období novoveku z pohľadu archívneho a architektonicko-historického výskumu

(Oponice Castle in the Modern Era from the Perspective of Archival and Architectural-Historical Research) pdf

Abstract: Although various authors have dealt with the history and architectural history of Oponice Castle, only the archival research that was carried out in 2020 has significantly extended the existing data related to the modern era. After the combination of its findings with results from archaeological, dendrochronological and constructional-historical research, using an interdisciplinary approach, it has been possible to match several phases of construction within the modern era with the names of the people who initiated them. The “Tereš” bastion, typical of the present-day ruins, was constructed before 1586, after a decision made by Blažej Apponyi Snr. The widespread reconstructions made in the late Renaissance period that followed the property division of 29th April 1612 completely changed the character of the castle and also substantially affected its silhouette, giving the castle a distinctive appearance that has been preserved until today. Brothers Peter (†1626) and Pavol Apponyi enriched their south-western half of the castle with a large rectangular palace with a remarkable length of 50 metres and as many as five floors. Another ceremonial palace building, on the opposite side, on the north-eastern perimeter of the castle, was initiated by Blažej Apponyi Jr. (†1637). It had a rectangular floor plan covering an area of 27 m x 14.5 m and reached up four floors.

Authors: JANURA, Tomáš – BÓNA, Martin

DOI: 10.17846/SHN.2022.26.2.471-499

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Source: Studia Historica Nitriensia, year: 2022, vol.: 26, number: 2, pages: 471-499

Keywords: Oponice Castle; Apponyi Family; Constructional Development; Peter Apponyi; Pavol Apponyi; Blažej Apponyi Jr.;

Language: Slovak