Zuzana Borzová

Title: Význam značiek a výzdobných motívov na poľnohospodárskom náradí v stredoveku a novoveku

(Significance of stamps and decorative motifs on farm tools in the Middle Ages and the Postmedieval period) – pdf


Abstract: Farm tools are among the most important archaeological evidence of agrarian activities and agricultural production in the Middle Ages and the Postmedieval period. In the literature on archaeology, there is a whole range of articles dealing with the topic of farm tools from different points of view. The visual aspect of tools is one of the neglected topics. It includes the existence of stamps and decorative motifs and their meaning. The aim of this article is an attempt to categorize them and consider their meaning and function.


Author: BORZOVÁ, Zuzana


DOI: 10.17846/SHN.2023.27.S.147-163


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Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre, Katedra archeológie, Hodžova 1, 949 01 Nitra, Slovak republic, mail: zborzova@ukf.sk


Source: Studia Historica Nitriensia, year: 2023, vol.: 27, number: Supplementum, pages: 147-163


Keywords: farm tools; decorative motifs and stamped marks on tools; Middle Ages; Postmedieval period; smithery production;


Language: Slovak